IWE Training Day

Achieving gender balance in the Entertainment Industry requires massive change. iWe strongly believes that on the community-wide level, there is a passion, drive and potential to unite and include ALL voices, hearts and hands to achieve the gender balance we all envision.

In fact, true social change cannot happen until the community steps in together.

On April 9, 2016, iWe hosted a Community Organizing Training Day. We invited 20 leaders in the gender balance movement to take part.

To effectively create the connective tissue iWe aims to create and rally the power of the community, we recognized the need for expert knowledge, skills and guidance to maximize our effectiveness.

On April 9th, 2016, iWe hosted a Community Organizing Training to develop the required knowledge and skillset to effectively further the gender balance movement.



The Community Organizing Training was led by Judy Hertz, the Executive Director of the Midwest Academy. For 40 years, over 25,000 grassroots activists from hundreds of organizations and coalitions have gone to the Midwest Academy to hone concrete skills to be more strategic and effective organizers and leaders in the progressive movement. They are known for training that produces results.


She taught us a strategic, rigorous, result-oriented approach to social action and organization building. It was powerful, inspiring and launched us with new clarity and vigor into our next ACTION – the iWe Coalition.